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Mandarin Cranberry - 8oz Candle

Mandarin Cranberry - 8oz Candle

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Orange, mandarin, cranberry, plum blossom, magnolia petals & rose wood.

8 oz coconut soy candle // Burn time: 35-40 hours.

Our candles and wax melts are all hand-poured and produced in small batches.
Made with 100% all natural coconut soy wax, cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils that are phthalates and paraben free.
All of our products are vegan.
Made with love in Bonnyville, Alberta.

Benefits of coconut soy wax candles:
- All natural and a great alternative to petroleum-based paraffin wax.
- Burn slower and longer.
- 100% vegan and do not require any animal products in their production or use.
- Soy wax is biodegradable.

Important to note about coconut soy wax candles:
- Candles may vary in color, texture and appearance as they are handmade.
- Sinkholes can occur after burning as the wax tries to get back to its original form. This is a common characteristic of soy wax and has no impact on the performance of the candle.
- Glass adhesion may occur during shipping due to temperature changes in the environment. This also has no impact on the performance of the candle.
- Keep your candle out of heat, coconut soy wax has a lower melt temperature then regular candles.


Wick trimming:
Before lighting your candle for the first time, and each time thereafter, trim the wick to 1/4". This can be done using a wick cutter. Cutting your wick will prevent your candle from burning too quickly while keeping the scent throw the best quality possible.

Wax pool:
To make sure that your candle burns completely and evenly, you will need to bring your candle to a full burning pool before extinguishing. This will prevent your candle from creating a tunnel (tunneling) and will burn more efficiently. Once a candle has started tunneling, the candle will keep on following the same path each burn and won't be able to burn fully.

Burn time:
In order to create a full wax pool and ensure the wax always melts across the candle's diameter, candles should be burned for a minimum of two hours. Never burn candles for more then four hours at a time.

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